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: AbstractThis work presents an overview of pension systems that can meet in the French-speaking sub-Saharan countries. Generally, pension systems are designed for the formal sector (the agents of the state, the employees of the private sector and certain body of profession). However many reforms were carried whose main objective is firstly to reduce the financial deficit of the pension plans, and secondly to extend social protection to the self-employed (informal sector). In this paper, we will look firstly the context of retirement in the CIPRES Zone. In this part, we will discussthe challenges to which are subjected pension schemes, the economic and social context and the organization of the pension system. Secondly, we will analyze the existing pension plans of some countries of the CIPRES Zone. In practice, we will speak of the insured population, the technical management (financial expenditure, financing and asset allocation) and the reforms (if there's place) brought to the pension plans to ensure their sustainability on the long term. Finally, we will make recommendations, in the conclusion that will help to ensure the technical management of pension plans on the long term. These three parts will allow us to register the topic in its context in order to understand the issue of retirement inthe CIPRES Zone.KEYWORDS: retirement, Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa, CIPRES, formal sector, self-employed, social protection, reform, technical management.JEL CODES: G11, G18, H55, H60, H70, E62.
Florent Gbongue et al. (Jul 3, 2015)

Hicham Belkouch (Dec 19, 2019)
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