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  • SOAS Research Online is a free, publicly accessible repository of the research outputs of SOAS, University of London. The repository contains both full text papers and metadata only (descriptive) records of research carried out by SOAS staff members. Full text materials will be made available where copyright allows otherwise the reference details can be deposited and a link to the online location of the research paper will be included (if available).



71 documents
Mayur Suresh (Nov 17, 2020)
Romina Istratii (Jun 26, 2020)
Trevor Marchand et al. (Jul 3, 2019)
Safet HadžiMuhamedović et al. (Jun 5, 2019)
Nick Gray (Dec 11, 2018)
Katherine Butler Schofield et al. (Oct 2, 2018)
Alison Scott-Baumann (Nov 4, 2017)
Lucy Duran et al. (Sep 15, 2017)
Lucy Durán et al. (Aug 6, 2017)
Nathan W. Hill et al. (May 11, 2017)
Edward Garrett et al. (May 11, 2017)
Nathan W. Hill et al. (May 11, 2017)
Hyunseon Lee (2017)
Leslie Vinjamuri (Nov 16, 2016)
Leslie Vinjamuri (Nov 2, 2015)
Leslie Vinjamuri (Mar 10, 2015)
Irina Nikolaeva et al. (2015)
Almut Hintze (Jun 28, 2014)