Educational Research for Social Change

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  • ERSC publishes conceptual papers and empirical research which draw on emancipatory paradigms and participatory methodologies and methods, and which have a change agenda, which is seen as critical in contributing to transformation in education. This journal therefore aims to play a critical role in confirming the importance of educational research as social change, contributing to the theorising thereof, and the dissemination of current research to a broad, cross–disciplinary audience of scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field of education.





102 documents
Nosipho Mbatha et al. (Jun 1, 2020)
Pedro Mzileni (Jun 1, 2020)
Vusi Msiza et al. (Jun 1, 2020)
Salomien Boshoff et al. (Jun 1, 2020)
Kudzaiishe Vanyoro (Jun 1, 2020)
Sioux McKenna (Jun 1, 2020)
M. Mathikithel et al. (Sep 1, 2019)
Vituce Jelasy Kalungwizi et al. (Sep 1, 2019)
Kerry Frizelle (Sep 1, 2019)
Rolene Liebenberg et al. (Sep 1, 2019)
S'phiwe Madondo et al. (Sep 1, 2019)
Lesley Wood (Sep 1, 2019)
Heather McPherson et al. (Sep 1, 2019)
James A. Bernauer (Apr 1, 2019)
Adrian D. Martin (Apr 1, 2019)
Maureen A. Flint (Apr 1, 2019)
Susan Naomi Nordstrom (Apr 1, 2019)
Makie Kortjass (Apr 1, 2019)
Vonzell Agosto et al. (Apr 1, 2019)
Marguerite Müller (Apr 1, 2019)
Jayna McQueen Baker et al. (Apr 1, 2019)