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  • Observatorio (OBS*) presents empirical and theoretical research aiming at promoting a better understanding of communication phenomena. The journal extends its scope from issues related to media and the novel usages of the Internet, through the challenges surrounding the evolution of new media platforms, to the dynamics of service innovation in the telecommunications industry. It welcomes work from academics, practitioners and policy-makers and is open to contributions coming from all branches of social science inquiry and the humanities.





90 documents
Lars W Nord et al. (Jan 1, 2015)
Erika Fernández Gómez et al. (Dec 1, 2014)
Carmen Costa-Sánchez (Dec 1, 2014)
María Trinidad García Leiva et al. (Dec 1, 2014)
Marisa Torres da Silva et al. (Dec 1, 2014)
Elina Noppari et al. (Dec 1, 2014)
Elsa Costa e Silva (Dec 1, 2014)
Andrea Carrasco et al. (Dec 1, 2014)
Ivo Neto et al. (Dec 1, 2014)
Vítor de Sousa (Sep 1, 2014)
Marco Pedroni et al. (Sep 1, 2014)
María Luisa Azpíroz (Sep 1, 2014)
Hélder Prior et al. (Sep 1, 2014)
Paola Sartoretto (Sep 1, 2014)
Hugo Filipe Ramos (Sep 1, 2014)
Jussara Borges et al. (Sep 1, 2014)
Sílvio Correia Santos et al. (Sep 1, 2014)
Montserrat Doval (Sep 1, 2014)
Tiago Vaz Estêvão (Jun 1, 2014)
Liliana Pacheco et al. (Jun 1, 2014)