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  • The Digital Humanities lab at the Centre virtuel de la connaissance sur l’Europe (CVCE) is an interdisciplinary team whose goal is to develop an innovative digital research infrastructure for disseminating enhanced publications in the field of European Integration Studies. This blog will provide the DHLab with a forum for the exchange of information and ideas associated with our ongoing digital humanities project. It will provide the opportunity to discuss the innovative projects we are working on and the issues and challenges we face developing tools and techniques for multi-lingual digital research environments that utilise a wide variety of data types (pictures, text, video, maps cartoons, etc).


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Catherine Jones (26 sept. 2014)
Marten Düring (30 juin 2015)
Florentina Armaselu (3 avr. 2015)
cecileduval (15 sept. 2015)
Marten Düring (5 nov. 2014)
Marten Düring (19 oct. 2015)
Catherine Jones (3 oct. 2014)
Catherine Jones (15 janv. 2015)
Marten Düring (5 nov. 2014)
Florentina Armaselu (5 nov. 2015)
Marten Düring (10 nov. 2015)
Marten Düring (19 oct. 2015)
Catherine Jones (21 sept. 2015)
Catherine Jones (15 juil. 2015)
Marten Düring (13 avr. 2015)