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  • The South African Journal of Industrial Psychology (SAJIP) is a premier southern African journal that focuses on innovative research and scholarship from both local and international sources within the fields of Industrial and Organisational Psychology. It provides a forum for cutting-edge, peer reviewed research in all fields related to investigations into the ways in which the individual can balance their daily activities (socially, culturally or linguistically) against the larger context of corporate, organisational and institutional values.





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Melissa du Plessis (Jan 1, 2020)
Kleinjan Redelinghuys et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Anton Grobler et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Maryam Waglay et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Elna Rossouw et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Kgope Moalusi (Jan 1, 2020)
Nicola Vermooten et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Audrey Babic et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Emmarentia C. Thomas et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Renier Steyn et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Sergio L. Peral et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Didi Zungu et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Ronny Shibiti (Jan 1, 2020)
Nicky H.D. Terblanche et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Tessie H.H. Herbst (Jan 1, 2020)
Christine Janse van Rensburg et al. (Jan 1, 2020)
Theo H. Veldsman (Jan 1, 2019)
Crystal Hoole (Jan 1, 2019)
Pieter Schaaps (Jan 1, 2019)
David J.F. Maree (Jan 1, 2019)
Melinde Coetzee (Jan 1, 2019)
Mark H.R. Bussin (Jan 1, 2019)
Frans Cilliers (Jan 1, 2019)