Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher

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  • The Journal seeks to divulge academic scientific work in the field of Women’s Studies, Feminist Studies and Gender Studies, that may contribute to the transformation of relational practices and symbolisms that compose these areas of enquiry. It also seeks also to contribute to a greater diversity and scientific depth in terms of the national and international dialogue concerning these áreas already mentioned.





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Cristina L. Duarte et al. (Dec 1, 2019)
Maria do Céu Borrêcho et al. (Dec 1, 2019)
Natividade Monteiro (Dec 1, 2019)
Gonçalo Vilas-Boas (Dec 1, 2019)
Isabel Freire (Dec 1, 2019)
Jorge Fonseca (Dec 1, 2019)
Francesca Rayner (Oct 1, 2019)
Federica Lupati (Oct 1, 2019)
Sónia Passos (Oct 1, 2019)
Márcia Oliveira (Oct 1, 2019)
Ana Gabriela Macedo (Oct 1, 2019)
Irene Vaquinhas (Oct 1, 2019)
Giulia Lamoni (Oct 1, 2019)