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  • The South African Crime Quarterly (SACQ) is a journal published by the Governance, Crime and Justice Division at the ISS. SACQ presents recent research results in the Social Sciences focusing on the areas of crime, criminal justice, policing, prisons and incarceration, crime prevention, and criminal justice policy and legislation. SACQ aims to add balance and objectivity to the discourse on human security in Africa by providing timely empirical research and analysis to policy makers, area specialists, academics and students.





147 documents
Lisa Marqua-Harries et al. (Jun 1, 2019)
Kelley Moult (Jun 1, 2019)
Nontyatyambo Pearl Dastile et al. (Jun 1, 2019)
Eleanor Ross et al. (Jun 1, 2019)
Irvin Kinnes (Mar 1, 2019)
Untalimile Crystal Mokoena et al. (Mar 1, 2019)
Heidi Brooks (Mar 1, 2019)
Jade Liebenberg et al. (Mar 1, 2019)
Anthony Kaziboni (Dec 1, 2018)
Palesa Rose Madi et al. (Dec 1, 2018)
Untalimile Crystal Mokoena et al. (Dec 1, 2018)
Thato Masiangoako (Dec 1, 2018)
Nontsasa Nako (Dec 1, 2018)
Nicole van Zyl (Sep 1, 2018)
Robert Doya Nanima (Sep 1, 2018)
Kelley Moult (Sep 1, 2018)
David Bruce (Sep 1, 2018)
Elrena van der Spuy (Sep 1, 2018)
Mahlongonolo Thobane et al. (Sep 1, 2018)
Kelley Moult et al. (Sep 1, 2018)
Lizette Lancaster (Jun 1, 2018)