e-Pública: Revista Eletrónica de Direito Público

Collection description

  • e-Pública is a tri-annual periodical and open-access journal, published by ICJP - the Institute for Legal and Political Sciences - and by the CIDP – the Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law, both framed by the Lisbon University School of Law. At the same time, this publication aims at being put in the context of the global movement of open source, allowing a generic and unconditional access to high level scientific contents. e-Pública seeks to become a driving force of research in the field of Public Law, benefitting from the opportunities offered by the Internet and from all the advantages of an electronic format, allowing a broader dissemination of research in Public Law. For this purpose, e-Pública includes multimedia contents, such as videos and hyperlinks to legislation and doctrinal contents.




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