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  • Media & Journalism is the scientific journal of Media & Journalism Research Centre (CIMJ) aiming to constitute itself as a space of debate and dissemination of the scientific research and activities around media and journalism in Portugal and other countries. With the purpose of being a discussion forum either for the academic community either for lay publics interested in the role of media and journalism in modern societies, the journal intends to contribute to the understanding of complex social phenomena, critically assessing its present and past. It is thus open to a wide and plural range of approaches and perspectives. The methodologies used can be very diverse but in all cases scientific accuracy and rigor is required. The articles shall contribute to a profound and critical knowledge of issues related to media, journalism and democracy; media and social identities; media history; journalism and ethics; political economy of media; media strategies; television and society; new media and new forms of journalism; journalism as an interpretative community.





146 documents
Ana Cabrera et al. (Dec 1, 2020)
Michael Schudson (Dec 1, 2020)
Alberto Pena Rodríguez et al. (Dec 1, 2020)
Eduardo Meditsch et al. (Dec 1, 2020)
Carla Baptista et al. (Dec 1, 2020)
Rogério Santos (Dec 1, 2020)
Anabela Sousa Lopes et al. (Dec 1, 2020)
Jorge Pedro Sousa et al. (Dec 1, 2020)
Francisco Rui Cádima (Dec 1, 2020)
Cristina Ponte (Dec 1, 2020)
Estrela Serrano (Dec 1, 2020)
Susanna Berra et al. (Jun 1, 2020)
Ricardo Aoki (Jun 1, 2020)
Ana Sofia Paiva et al. (Jun 1, 2020)
Luís Bonixe (Jun 1, 2020)
Bárbara Janiques Carvalho et al. (Jun 1, 2020)
Manuel Damásio et al. (Jun 1, 2020)
F. Rui Cádima (Jun 1, 2020)
Carolina Dalla Chiesa et al. (Jun 1, 2020)