Chronique des fouilles en ligne,MEGALI KYPSA,2007,603



November 3, 2009



Ferme,Habitat,Installation hydraulique,Mosaïque,Os,Puits

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École français d’AthènesBritish School at Athens, « Chronique des fouilles en ligne,MEGALI KYPSA,2007,603 », Chronique des fouilles en ligne, ID : 10670/1.le15l2


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Megali Kypsa. Angelioforos (22/05/2007) reports continuing excavation by I. Papangelos (10th EBA) of a LRom farmstead (AR 53 [2006−2007], 68). This complex was built in the 4th Ct AD and remained in use, at least in part, into the 8th Ct.  It was abandoned suddenly in the 8th or 9th Ct, perhaps due to Arab incursions. Three wells were found, 2 by the shore and one (2.8m di.) in the central courtyard: this last contained the skeleton of a bear at d. 3.5m. Mosaic pavements dating to the 4th−5th Ct AD with geometric and plant motifs have been found in 2 rooms (occupying ca. 40% of their 5 x 3m area).

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