French lacquers of the 18th century and vernis Martin



September 15, 2014



materials technique Paris lacquer vernis Martin 18th century

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Anne-Solenn Le Hô et al., « French lacquers of the 18th century and vernis Martin », Hyper Article en Ligne - Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société, ID : 10670/1.6nuqc6


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The Martin family created a taste for Parisian lacquers , painted and varnished objects. The purpose of the work presented here was to gather new data on the construction materials, and to detail the varnishing and painting techniques used on these types of objects during the 18th century in France. A large body of French lacquers was studied using a comprehensive approach combining examinations, physico-chemical analyses and a reconstruction of the manufacturing steps used to create the artworks. Parisian lacquers are complex objects, consisting of a succession of five or six levels with specific functions, themselves made up of several layers, and detailed in successive phases during the creation process.

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