Chronique des fouilles en ligne,PATRAS,2000,1567



January 7, 2011



Monnaie,Revêtements (mur et sol)

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École français d’AthènesBritish School at Athens, « Chronique des fouilles en ligne,PATRAS,2000,1567 », Chronique des fouilles en ligne, ID : 10670/1.9p3dmy


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Patras, S. Theocharopoulou Street − 65−67 A. Photila Street − V. Rouphou Street (A. Kaphetzi property).  (Fig. 1: site 4). G. Alexopoulou (Στ. ΕΠΚΑ) reports the discovery of two Late Roman buildings in opus mixtum on either side of a lane (Fig. 2). Their foundations destroyed earlier buildings: below that level were two Early Hellenistic walls. Portable finds include 13 bronze coins, a limestone column base, fragments of Corinthian tile and brick, and Early Roman sherds. The area continued in use into the Byzantine period.

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