Bika Paneru



March 28, 2011


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Gaborieau Marc et al., « Bika Paneru », COllections de COrpus Oraux Numériques : Epopee Népal, ID : 10.24397/PANGLOSS-0004107


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Recording of a performance by the hudke bard Pratap Dholi of Bhatgaun, assisted by Jain Man Dhole of Bhatgaun, Jogi Dhole of Sirola, and Dumre Dhole of Tatar. Recorded on 14 November 1969 by Marc Gaborieau and Mireille Helffer of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The recording was transcribed in the field by Man Bahadur Kathayat of Dandeldhura in one of Gaborieau's notebooks, labelled "VIVEK" p. 1-24 (right-hand pages). The entire epic was translated into French in draft form by Gaborieau in the field (same notebook, left-hand pages). Prof Jaya Raj Pant revised the transcription and prepared a translation into standard Nepali, plot outlines, and vocabulary notes in 2007. The transcription was again revised by Man Bahadur Shahu in 2009. The French translation presented here, based on these annotations and translations, was prepared by Rémi Bordes in 2009. Further materials are available at

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