Evidence of Chara fibrosa Agardh ex Bruzelius, an alien species in South France





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Ingeborg Soulié-Märsche et al., « Evidence of Chara fibrosa Agardh ex Bruzelius, an alien species in South France », Archive ouverte de l'Université de Genève, ID : 10670/1.b8p4uc


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The paper describes the discovery of a species of genus Chara, hitherto unknown in France. The morphological features of the plants and oospores are shown and identify the plant as Chara fibrosa ssp. benthamii, a tropical taxon, non-native to the European Charophyte flora. The ecological conditions of this particular find correspond to an artificial temporary pond located in the Crau plain, north of the Camargue. In contrast to the normal hydrological cycle ruled by local precipitation during winter, the studied pond is flooded from irrigation water in late spring and during summer. This context allowed C. fibrosa to out-compete the indigenous Chara species, Chara vulgaris and Chara globularis. The accidental introduction of C. fibrosa is attributed to original contamination from rice seed material imported to the nearby Camargue, rather than to dispersal by migratory water birds. Although the species has formed a very large population in that pond within a few years, it might not be classified as “invasive” because this occurrence is linked to a particular man-made habitat. However, spread of the species in the future, as a function of global warming related to climate change, cannot be excluded.

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