Create impact with your eHumanities and eHeritage research (PARTHENOS Webinar)



February 8, 2018


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impact Scientific Publication Dissemination Metrics Open Acces Data publication [ SHS ] Humanities and Social Sciences

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Juliane Stiller et al., « Create impact with your eHumanities and eHeritage research (PARTHENOS Webinar) », Cours en ligne, ID : 10670/1.eulmrj


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This webinar is dedicated to the phase of the Research Lifecycle “Publish Results”. It covers several aspects related to successfully drafting and implementing a publication and dissemination strategy taking into account specific Research Infrastructural aspects. It will first cover the basics of impact measurement and research metrics, both from the individual researcher’s perspective as well as the Research Infrastructure perspective since these are strongly interlinked. It will then go into details such as repositories, new publication types and new forms of dissemination (such as blogs or wikis) and touch upon challenges such as data and software citation. It will specifically introduce the Impactomatrix as a tool for drafting an impact-orientated publication and dissemination strategy.This webinar will cross-link to materials developed within PARTHENOS and by the PARTHENOS Cluster Partners.

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