Generational Diversity in Organisation: A Meta-Analysis



October 18, 2017



generation age cohort diversity meta analysis

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Mélia Djabi et al., « Generational Diversity in Organisation: A Meta-Analysis », Hyper Article en Ligne - Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société, ID : 10.1108/S2051-233320160000004009


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The purpose of this article is to understand how academics in management deal with the concept of generation in the workplace. We begin by conducting an interdisciplinary literature analysis, thereby elaborating a conceptual framework concerning generational diversity. This framework consists of four levels of analysis (society, career, organisation and occupation) and three dimensions (age, cohort and event/period). We then conduct a meta-analysis using this conceptual framework to analyse papers from the management field. The results from this analysis reveal the existence of a diversity of generational approaches, which focus on the dimensions of age and cohort on a societal level. Four factors seem to explain these results: the recent de-synchronisation of generational dimensions and levels, the novelty of theoretical models, the amplification of stereotypes by mass media and the methodologies employed by researchers. In sum, this article contributes to a more realistic view of generational diversity in the workplace for both academics and practitioners.

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