Documenting some Uses of the Isidore Platform



August 1, 2011



Digital Humanities Library and Information Sciences Humanités numériques Information scientifique et technique

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Sophie David et al., « Documenting some Uses of the Isidore Platform », MoDyCo, Modèles, Dynamiques, Corpus - UMR 7114, ID : 10670/1.lbc7dv


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The availability of millions of digital resources, and of the means for processing, analysing, signalling, and exposing them, should make it possible to facilitate the emergence of new research objects and new questions. After a brief description of Isidore, this paper proposes first results in observing the Isidore platform because it presents all the basic materials a researcher needs: publications, blogs, websites and conference calendars. Then we discuss how facets proposed by Isidore are currently being used and finally we propose some issues which are being studied

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