The moat site of Boisset



November 10, 1999



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Stéphane Pouyllau, « The moat site of Boisset », Centre Alexandre Koyré, ID : 10670/1.ltq86d


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The study of the medieval rural aristocracy in Aquitaine never resulted in, to date, in the making of a methodology of global approach of the housing sites that she occupied. Mr Gérard Louise suggested to word on this kind of problems in the scope of the Institut AUSONIUS (CNRS and Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 University), of its Service Informatique de Recherche en Archéologie (Archeological Computer Research Service) and with the help of the Service Régional d'Archéologie. A site of reference and of work, the moat site Boisset in Berson (Gironde-France), has been chosen and the research has started in September 1997. This study prepares the first grounds for understanding the evolution of a housing of the rural aristocracy in the North of Gironde. this web-site operates as a real tool of research. It holds some results and allows the researchers to work on the plans.

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