Estimación de la exposición a fluoruros en Los Altos de Jalisco, México





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Salud Pública de México

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Roberto Hurtado-Jiménez et al., « Estimación de la exposición a fluoruros en Los Altos de Jalisco, México », Salud Pública de México, ID : 10670/1.oxu4sp


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"Objective. To estimate the level of fluoride exposure andhuman health risks in Los Altos de Jalisco (Jalisco State Heights)region. Material and Methods. This study was conductedbetween May and July 2002. The fluorideconcentrations of 105 water wells and six tap water sampleswere electrochemically measured. Exposure doses tofluoride and total intake of fluoride were estimated for babies(10 kg), children (20 kg), and adults (70 kg). Results.The fluoride concentration of the water samples rangedfrom 0.1 to 17.7 mg/l. More than 45% of the water samplesexceeded the national guideline value for fluoride of 1.5mg/l. The estimated values of the exposure doses to fluorideand total intake of fluoride were in the range of 0.04-1.8mg/kg/d and 0.5-18.4 mg/d, respectively. Conclusions. Dentalfluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, and bone fractures are someof the potential health risks due to the intake of high dosesof fluoride for the population of Los Altos de Jalisco. In orderto reduce health risks, fluoridated salt, fluoridated toothpastes,and drinking water containing more than 0.7 mg/l offluoride should be avoided"

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