Collaborateurs, correspondants et associés de Léon de Rosny dans le champ des études japonaises

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A pioneer of Japanese Studies and Japanese language teaching in the West, Léon de Rosny never made the journey to Japan. His academic learning, however, was supplemented and invigorated by the numerous relationships he cultivated throughout his career with Japanese visitors to France and European residents in Japan. They provided him with literary works and significantly contributed to his journals, teachings and symposiums. With only a few exceptions, they were enrolled as titular or corresponding members in one or another of the societies he founded. This study identifies these men in chronological order, from 1859 to about 1900, primarily on the basis of their admission to Rosny’s academic societies. It further specifies their contribution to his research interests and publications, and gives details, for the most important ones, about the circumstances of their encounter with him.

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