Generativity : its role, dimensions and impact on cultural organizations in France

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Since cultural facilities are facing a decline in public and private funding alongside increased costs, bequests could prove to be a considerable financial resource. However, there is a paucity of literature on this subject. The authors propose a new analytical framework for the collection of bequests in the cultural domain, with a focus on the dimension of generativity – an important psychological variable that could serve to increase our understanding of the motivations underlying bequest decisions. A dual state-of-the-art review was performed on bequest behaviours and generativity before the commencement of this research. A study of 486 consumers of art and culture was conducted in partnership with the research department of the Louvre museum. The results reveal that “generative concern” has a significant impact on propensity to legate and confirms the importance of some traditional sociodemographic variables. The authors offer recommendations for identifying and more effectively addressing potential testators. They also suggest avenues for future research.

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