Network Analysis of Green Technology Transfer between International Construction Firms



June 1, 2020




technological adaptation green buildings construction industry construction field technology transfer affordable housing social housing

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Rolando-Arturo Cubillos-González, « Network Analysis of Green Technology Transfer between International Construction Firms », Revista de Arquitectura, ID : 10670/1.uihssn


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The green technology transfer is complex for construction firms. A solution is to analyze it as a social network since, if the different relationships between the actors in the construction sector can be identified, it would be possible to assess the technology adaptation capacity of these actors. The aim was to test the transfer of green technology between international construction companies that are engaged in building social or accessible housing. To this end, two countries with the capacity to transfer green technology (United Kingdom and the United States) and two countries with less technological capacity and with the potential to adjust to these technologies (Brazil and Colombia) were identified. Subsequently, five construction firms were selected in each country with which a network analysis was carried out (degree, intensity, proximity, and density) and then simulation was performed. As a result, the technological transfer capacity of Latin American companies to accept and adapt technologies from companies in industrialized countries was identified. It is expected to be able to develop measurement indicators for the technology transfer process that allow a better understanding of the complexity of social housing.

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