Un tandem de pouvoir dans Paris occupé

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A powerful tandem in occupied ParisAfter a consideration of the dangers with which an analysis of cultural anti-Semitism is fraught (manicheaism, moral exhibitionism), an effort is made to sketch the structure of one of the most charged sites of cultural interaction in occupied Paris, the salon of Florence Gould on Avenue Malakoff. Specifically, four figures and the quartet they together formed are examined: Florence Gould, Ernst Jünger, Gerhard Heller, and Marcel Jouhandeau. The structure is quite tight: Jünger was the lover of Gould during much of the war (whence the title of the essay); Heller, Sonderführer in charge of censorship in France, was a disciple and something of an aide-de-camp of Jünger during the same period; Jouhandeau was cohost of Gould’s salon and would-be lover of Heller. The entire configuration expands the argument of an earlier speculative text by the author, “Writing and Deference: The Politics of Literary Adulation,” in which the roots of what has flourished under the misnomer of “literary theory” in the United States are traced back to the period of the Occupation in France.

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