Filologia Risorse informatiche

Collection description

  • Filologia Risose Informatiche ( is a web space intended to reflect on the relationship between the various aspects of philology and new technologies. The site is divided into two sections, Resources and Articles.In the Resources section – extension of the Facebook group "Filologia - Risorse informatiche" – we would like to collect various web resources available to the philologist (ie scans, indexes, catalogs, online corpora, specific search engines etc.), expanding, updating, collecting and sometimes streamlining what has been done in this sense until now.The Articles section aims to collect reflections related to everything related to the application of IT within their field of study, examples of such applications, talks about how it is evolving or you think would evolve the field of digital humanities, in relation to what is there, what is missing and should be there or be available online in free access.




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