Journal of Education (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

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  • The Journal of Education is an interdisciplinary, peer–reviewed, open access publication of original research and writing on education. The focus of the Journal is on all levels, stages and processes of education (e.g. formal, informal, non–formal, early childhood, lifelong, schooling, adult education, vocational education and training, higher education). The Journal of Education aims to publish articles which show high levels of theoretical insight and/or analytic empirical work, and gives preference to articles that demonstrate engagement on the key issues that face South African education.





79 documents
Ronicka Mudaly (Jan 1, 2018)
Petro du Preez et al. (Jan 1, 2018)
Labby Ramrathan et al. (Jan 1, 2018)
Maria Tsakeni et al. (Jan 1, 2017)
Brenda Leibowitz (Jan 1, 2017)
Oscar Koopman (Jan 1, 2018)
Zanele Ndlovu et al. (Jan 1, 2017)
Shairn Hollis-Turner (Jan 1, 2017)
Mogamat Noor Davids (Jan 1, 2017)
Raj Mestry (Jan 1, 2017)
Nangamso Mtsatse et al. (Jan 1, 2018)
Micheal M. van Wyk (Jan 1, 2019)
Marie Brennan (Jan 1, 2017)
Yvonne Reed (Jan 1, 2017)