Fédéralisme Régionalisme

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  • The Journal Federalism-Regionalism investigates the political dynamics and the structures of complex political units: regional or federal states as well as international or supranational organisations. The intrusion of globalisation effects into political life, from the global to the local levels, are well illustrated by multi-level governance phenomena. Issues such as the distribution of decision-making powers and competences as well as the interactions between different levels and the related social processes are part of the fundamental questions raised by the journal Federalism-Regionalism. Federalism-Regionalism was founded by the Centre for the Study of Federalism in 1989, at a turning point for Belgian federalism, the European Union and the new international order. It was revived in 1999 by Prof. Jean Beaufays (University of Liège). Since then, it has released on-line special issues, articles and reviews of scientific research. It is addressed to political scientists, sociologists, law students as well as political and social actors.



Université de Liège


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