Rani Raut



February 5, 2011


Copyright (c) Michailovsky, Boyd


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Gaborieau Marc et al., « Rani Raut », COllections de COrpus Oraux Numériques : Epopee Népal, ID : 10.24397/PANGLOSS-0004095


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Annotation of the recording of a performance by the bard Camalek Bahadur Dholi, aged ~54, and two assistants. This is the last of 4 epics recorded on 4 November 1969 at the administrative center of Dandeldhura District, Nepal, by Marc Gaborieau and Mireille Helffer of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The recording was transcribed in the field by Man Bahadur Kathayat of Dandeldhura in a notebook of Gaborieau's marked "HUDKIYA" (right-hand pages numbered 1-27 — a new numbering at the end of the notebook), with annotations added by Gaborieau. Prof. Jaya Raj Pant revised the transcription and prepared a translation into standard Nepali and notes in 2007. The transcription was again revised and compared with the recording by Mr Man Bahadur Shahu in 2009. The English translation, based these annotations and Gaborieau's notes, was prepared by Boyd Michailovsky in 2008-2010. Further materials are available at http://www.vjf.cnrs.fr/epopee.

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