Taḥrīf in the Digital Age



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Sara Schulthess, « Taḥrīf in the Digital Age », HAL-SHS : histoire des religions, ID : 10.1163/9789004325234_012


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The present subject occurred to me during my research about the role of the Internet in the discipline of New Testament textual criticism.2 If one is inter- ested in New Testament textual criticism and conducts research on the Internet wanting to know more about manuscripts, ancient versions, editions, etc., one will quickly find Islamic websites presenting topics on New Testament textual criticism. This fact, though it might be surprising to some, is actually related to a classical topic in Islamic debates against Christianity, the taḥrīf. To under- stand this unexpected meeting between a specialized field and a notion, which over time involved into polemics, it is first necessary to establish the definition of the notion and then its interesting historical development. Thereafter, we will analyze how taḥrīf is used in the digital age and interacts with New Testament textual criticism.

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